The wonder of writing

We are on a mission to make it easier, faster and more enjoyable for children to learn to write confidently.

Our unique writing and colouring pencils have been specifically designed for a child's hand. They have a wider diameter to allow for better grip, a softer core so less pressure is applied and a shorter length promoting greater control. Our Alphabet and Handwriting Practice Books will help your child learn letter formation, build letter familiarity and establish a solid writing foundation.

This is the age when the wonder of writing is born. Our range of pencils and writing books will help your child learn the writing building blocks and set them up perfectly for school.

At this age our writing pencils will give your child the utmost confidence when it comes to writing, allowing your child to focus on the writing fundamentals such as joined up writing and spelling.

Give your child the comprehensive tools to learn to write for just £26.99. The Write Size Toolkit provides your child with the full range of writing materials needed to help them learn to write confidently.

There are many benefits to your child using Write Size products. Here are 10 to get you started

Our specifically designed pencils

Our bespoke alphabet and handwriting practice books

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