2-6 Years: Learn Control & Grip Pencils - Pack of 5


Our Learn Control & Grip pack of five pencils are specifically designed to make writing comfortable and reduce strain for children aged 2-6. 

Write Size pencils contain larger, softer graphite which means your child can begin writing their first letters without having to press as hard to get the desired result. What’s more, by using a wider diameter for easy grip, and a shorter length which eases control and balance, your child can focus more on writing and less on holding the pencil.  

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates strain and discomfort from writing.
  • Ensures good handwriting from the start.
  • Greater durability and lifespan.
  • Easy to grip and control.
  • Encourages children to write for longer periods. 
  • Makes learning to write easier and quicker.


  • It is important to keep this writing tool sharp to ensure the best results - use the larger barrel of a double barrel sharpener.
  • You will only need to turn the pencil 2-3 times in the sharpener to get the maximum effect. 
  • Once the top of your child’s hand reaches the last bar at the top of the pencil, it may no longer suitable for writing with – although it’s still fine for drawing.