Colouring Pencils – 2-6 Years

Colouring Pencils – 2-6 Years

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For consistency Write Size have produced a range of colouring pencils the same size as our writing pencils.

These vibrant colouring pencils are not only the correct shape and size for a child's hand, they are also erasable.



Taking Care of Write Size Pencils

Write Size pencils are made from a top quality wood and only the softest high grade graphite, ensuring your child has the best writing tool for the job.

It is important to keep this writing tool sharp to ensure the best results.

When sharpening a Write Size pencil you will need to use the larger barrel of a double barrel sharpener. You will only need to turn the pencil 2 to 3 times to get the maximum affect.

Write Size offers a combi sharpener & eraser to go with our pencils, which you will find on the ‘shop’ page.

Please note Once the top of your child’s hand reaches the last bar at the top of the pencil, it is no longer the right size to write with. Once  the pencil gets to this length please give your child a new Write Size pencil to ensure maximum impact on your child’s writing ability.

Pencils that are now too short to write with can still be used to draw and scribble with, but NOT to write with.


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