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I have already covered the pen part of Pen & Pencil Day with my first post this morning so now we are moving onto the pencils!  I’d like to introduce you to Write Size, they have a range of pencils that are made to scale for children’s hands and they believe that using the right size pencil will improve children’s control and comfort when they are writing.

Write Size pencils

According to the Department for Education “Handwriting is the most fundamental building block of being educated” and Write Size think we should be giving our children the right tools for the job!  It was and still is important to me to encourage a love of reading and writing in my children, we quite often visit the library to choose new books and my daughters especially like to write stories and illustrate them.  They are also fellow stationery addicts and love to have their own special notebooks, pens and pencils.

I decided to put the Write Size pencils to the test on a day out with my daughters during the Easter holidays.  First of all I got my 5 year old to hold a regular size pencil, I never noticed before just how big it looks in her little hand!
Then we switched over to the age 2-6 Write Size pencil and I asked her to write something in the notebook for me. She did seem to have more control over the Write Size pencil and she was happy to sit on the grass and practice some words for me.
My 5 year old using a “regular” size pencil
My 5 year old using a Write Size pencil
The perfect size pencil for little hands

Next up it was my 11 year old’s turn.  

Even in her hand the regular size pencil looked a little large!  

Then she tried the age 10+ Write Size pencil and it did look much better in her hand size wise.

She said the Write Size pencil was more comfortable to hold and she was able to practice her cursive writing using it.

The pencils were developed to lesson the strain on a child’s hand by making the flow of writing easier and their size gives the child a better grip and more control as they use them too.

My 11 year old using a “regular” size pencil
My 11 year old using a Write Size pencil
Practising cursive writing

So the Write Size pencils were a hit!  Both girls have already claimed the packs for themselves and added them to their pencil cases.  If you would like to know anything more about the pencils or other Write Size products, contact them or check out their products!

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