What we believe:

We believe that writing is the foundation of every child's development. It is the base on which children build their future knowledge and understanding. It is the best brain workout they can get.  It requires the skills of reading, the logical skills of maths and science, small motor coordination, and even emotional intelligence. Learning to write also plays an essential role in cracking the reading code.

The problem:

Have you ever heard your child complain that their hand hurts whilst using a standard pencil?  This is because a child cannot balance or control any tool or instrument that does not fit their hand correctly and this can then cause pain and discomfort. Traditional writing tools are designed with adults in mind, and as a result children find these tools uncomfortable and difficult to control. The graphite also breaks easily with these standard pencils because of the added pressure children apply, combined with their thin graphite core. All this makes it harder for children to build that essential writing foundation.

Our solution:

We create children's writing tools which build a child's confidence with writing. Our pencils, writing books and erasers are ergonomically designed for a child's hand.  Children find them comfortable and easy to use. As a result your child will learn to write faster and they will enjoy the wonder of writing from the start.

Our mission:

We believe that writing is the most essential skill children learn - so we are on a mission to make it easier, faster and more enjoyable for children to learn to write confidently.