We are fortunate that so many organisations and institutions want to put our Write Size tools to the test and we are always excited to to see the positive impact we are having on the writing skills of children around the world.

Pete Griffin the award winning headmaster, Ofsted consultant and leading Neuro Motor Development Therapist with over 50 years teaching experience provides a great summary of the difference our products can make in the video below. 

His research highlighted the impact Write Size tools have on the writing ability of children. Of the 150 children tested, 97% had improved handwriting, 85% had improved grip and control and 71% wrote faster with more words per minute when using Write Size pencils as compared to standard pencils.


Here are just a few examples of other recent test results:

Warwick University: In 2018 the university independently researched the role of our age appropriate pencils in handwriting skill development amongst young children.

'A key part of our research was to test the effect of Write Size pencils within a school lesson environment. When we asked teachers about the benefit of Write Size pencils, they mentioned a “surge in interest in writing” and they outlined “small and hence less daunting” and “less pressure required due to strong lead” as noticeable elements about the pencils impact on the child. Well defined corners were also felt to allow children to keep their fingers at the right place.'


Leaps & Bounds: New Zealand's leading children’s occupational therapy clinic tested our pencils on the children they support.

'Write Size tools definitely do make a difference with the children we work with, most of whom have some difficulty with motor skills. The pencils allow for easier placement of the tripod grasp on the barrel of the pencil and they rest back in the webspace of the children's hands easily when they are taught how to hold their pencil properly. The children also have more control over their letter formations and the ease of holding the writing tool allows for more focus on their letter formations.' 


Explore Learning: The award winning maths and english tuition company road tested our tools on their pupils. 

‘My son, who is in year 3, tends to have a weak grip and doesn’t press hard enough when writing, so his writing appears a bit faint. With the Write Size pencils however, he had a good firm grip on the pencils and he didn’t rotate the pencil as he usually does. He was actually happy writing for a longer period of time than he would usually have done, which was a pleasant surprise. He said he liked the feel of the pencil, and that it didn’t hurt his fingers like his old pencils and he actually enjoyed writing with them.'


UKMUMS.TV: The online parenting community shared their opinion on the difference Write Size makes.

‘The product is fast becoming every parent’s favourite pencil thanks to excellent results from school sampling programmes and educational specialists. As parents we always strive to do our best for our children and now, thanks to Write Size we can help our kids learn how to write easily and more quickly by giving them the right tools for the job. Writing books are also available to promote fun letter formation and you can even buy erasable colouring pencils too so your little ones don’t need to worry about colouring outside the lines anymore as errors can simply be corrected with a standard eraser! These really are the perfect addition to any pencil case.’


Breakthrough Learning: The learning and development charity put our tools to the test. 

'I first became aware of Write Size when researching pencils to improve my daughter’s handwriting. As a trained Mediator, I have learnt techniques using mediated learning to identify and enhance an individual's learning potential. Write Size pencils are designed ergonomically to help children learn to write more easily and quickly. From the moment my daughter first used their pencils, she loved them - they felt comfortable in her hand, her writing was much clearer, and she was able to use the correct pencil pressure.' 



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