Ofsted refers to reception as “A unique and important year.”

“A good early education is the foundation for later success.”

We all understand the importance of a good education to promote a bright future for our children, and reception for many parents signifies the end of home learning and the start of school life, but just how important is the first year of school?

In the ‘Bold beginnings’ report by Ofsted (published 30th November 2017), we are shown just how vital this first year really is.

“A child’s early education lasts a lifetime. Done well, it can mean the difference between gaining seven Bs at GCSE compared with seven Cs. What children are taught during reception – the curriculum – is therefore hugely important.”

This short paragraph alone is enough to convince us here at write size of the importance of a child’s early education, but Ofsted continues to state that ‘Reception’ is the time in a child’s life where many crucial skills can be learned, such as reading, writing and mathematics.  They later go on to call these subjects “the gatekeepers for successful learning across all other subjects”.

“Put simply, by the end of reception, the ability to read, write and use numbers is fundamental. They are the building blocks for all other learning. Without firm foundations in these areas, a child’s life chances can be severely restricted.”


So, just how do reception classes teach our young children these vital skills?

This report shows us that the most successful reception classes put reading at the heart of the curriculum. Focusing on building spoken language and comprehension of stories, along with strong phonics teaching as the main vehicle for developing children’s spelling and handwriting.

By the end of their reception year, children attending these successful classes were able to write simple sentences, and were mastering the spelling of phonically regular words and common exception words!

Interestingly these schools also paid close attention to children’s posture and pencil grip when writing. Which got us here at Write Size wondering how much more successful these young students could be, if given the correct tool for their small hands?

As a recommendation Ofsted stated that all primary schools should…

“Ensure that when children are learning to write, resources are suitable for their stage of development and that they are taught correct pencil grip and how to sit correctly at a table.”

What better way to help fulfil this recommendation than with the only writing pencils that have been specifically designed for young children’s hands, and proven to deliver better results in grip, control and speed compared to standard classroom pencils.

Why not mention us to your reception today, and see just how much Write Size can help your child improve their gatekeeper subjects.

All quotes are taken from Ofsted report ‘bold beginnings’ Click below link to read full report:


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