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With Finn now attending Year 2, his homework stepped up a notch (or 2!!) and we are now having to work harder with him to get all of it’s done in time! There is English and Maths books which are send home every Friday to be completed by Wednesday and daily reading as well as learning and writing of his spelling test words within the week until the test on Fridays. Oh and some extra spelling words which are sometimes to be found in his homework book. Now after getting this note twice from his teacher.

It was time to act and thankfully I just knew the right person to ask to get me/us on the right path! Back in September when I attended Winter BlogOn (blog post about the conference will be live soon!) I was introduced to a rather interesting looking product which even got as far as the BBC Dragons’Den and has some fantastic Testimonials from Teachers and Parents since it launched at the London Stationary Show back in March 2015! So I was very eager for Finn to be my little tester to try out some of the Write Size Writing Pencils for Kids. Write Size kindly send us packs of the 2-6 years and the 6-10 years size range as well as a Handwriting Pad for Finn to practice and even a little treat for myself in form of the lovely “Unwind in the Wilds” Colouring Book (which was very happily received!):

As it so happens we just spend a whole weekend with the Class Mascot Parrot “Scratch” because Finn was crowned Star of the Week so he had to write 2 pages full of all the adventures he had with him over the last 3 days so what better way then to test out our new pencils!

When Finn started using normal pencils beginning of the school year (after we received “the note”) he did complain after a while that his fingers are hurting him and he needs to have a break from writing.             The Creator of Write Size Pencils Ross Williams started his in-depth research and work with children back in 2012 and he found that we do not equip children with the right size tool in proportion to their hands, which on average are 50% smaller than an adults. With him creating the thicker pencils, with a shorter length and tougher graphite which makes writing easier, for hands that are 50% smaller. So his core belief stands for everything we do; Better control = Better results!

We have been using both sizes pencils for a couple of weeks now and Finn (who turned 6 this summer) is swapping around with both sizes but recently he preferred using the larger ones (6-10 years) in his words “because they feel good in my fingers”. After recently attending parents evening (like so many other parents throughout the UK this week judging by my FB timeline) we got given some sheets for Finn to practice his not so perfect handwriting so we found the Handwriting Pad from Write Size the perfect addition to his homework each night. I love the fact that the pages are brightened up with colourful drawing and a few more challenges than the simple version we received from the teacher (there nothing wrong with that version either btw. but its nice to have it all in one book instead of loose pages!)

OUR VERDICT on the Write Size Pencils is simple! Go and buy them your child will thank you in years to come and with a price tag of just £4.99 you can get quality pencils which will improve your child’s handwriting skills and make homework just a tad easier for them! The Handwriting Pad (which retails for £5.99) is a great addition to the pencils and will encourage your child to once again to better their style of writing! I am giving the Write Size Pencil and Pad 5 out of 5 Stars! I might even start buying a few sets to add to my birthday box to be used for whichever classmate of Finn’s is having another party coming up!

Here are a few more details about Write Size – the Products itself:

Would you give a four-year-old a full size guitar to learn their first chord with? Or a full size cutlery to begin feeding themselves with? If both of the answers to these questions are no, why, using the same logic, do we give a 4 year old child an adult size pencil?

Write Size pencils have been created with the full age spectrum in mind, ensuring quality, consistent handwriting across the board. Our aim is that all children should have the opportunity to learn and improve handwriting skills. Using the right size pencil, made in proportion to the children’s hand size, aids the learning process.

The three sizes in the Write Size range are:

2-6 years – Starting the writing journey. Teaching control, grip and letter formation. Engineered to perfectly fit 2-6 year-old hands, children can learn to grip the pencil correctly, whilst developing control and letter formation.

6-10 years – Improve confidence and ability to ensure solid technique. Improving confidence in their writing, easing the strain on a child’s whilst increasing ability in quality cursive.

10+ years – Continuing to deliver results. Ensuring clearer handwriting to deliver good grades, by making writing easier to read for teachers, exam invigilators and peers.

Make sure your children enjoy learning the alphabet and practicing letter formation with this handwriting pad. Allowing children to trace the letter shapes, before practicing on their own, the handwriting pad is perfect accompaniment to a set of Write Size pencils.

By using a correctly shaped tool, the speed at which writing skills are attained is greatly increased, whilst consistency and comfort are developed. Consistency is as important as the size of the pencil, using the right pencil consistently will aid the development of handwriting. As writing is a fundamental skill in life and is used in every subject, Write Size pencils make it easier to write as they’re made with children at their core – it is that logical and that simple. Ensuring that your children or students get the most out of their education is paramount. By giving them the correct tools to learn, you can begin to engineer their success.

This review comes from blogger The German Wife.
You can read more on her blog http://thegermanwife.com

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