6-10 Years: Improve Confidence & Ability Pencils - Pack of 5


Our Improve Confidence & Ability pack of five pencils are specifically designed for children aged 6-10. They give your child utmost confidence when it comes to writing, reducing strain and allowing them to focus on correct spelling and the writing fundamentals.

Write Size pencils have a larger, softer graphite than that used in standard pencils. They also have a wider diameter and are a shorter length. This makes it easier and more comfortable for them to write neatly and legibly, making them more confident. 

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Key benefits

  • Children feel less strain when writing, letting them focus more on neat writing.
  • Boosted confidence helps engagement with learning.
  • Prevents bad writing habits.
  • Reduces or entirely removes strain when writing.
  • Studies show that children write faster and more legibly with Write Size pencils.
  • Greater durability, grip and control.


  • It is important to keep this writing tool sharp to ensure the best results - use the larger barrel of a double barrel sharpener.
  • You will only need to turn the pencil 2-3 times in the sharpener to get the maximum effect.
  • Once the top of your child’s hand reaches the last bar at the top of the pencil, it is no longer suitable for writing with – although it’s still fine for drawing.