The Complete Write Size Learning To Write Tool Kit 2


Give your child the comprehensive tools to begin writing today and set them up for success at school. The Write Size Toolkit provides your child with the full range of 2-6 years Write Size writing materials which helps them learn to write confidently and comfortably.

The Write Size Toolkit is the ideal combination of our child-friendly writing tools. Your child gets a set of our 2-6 year pencils, our complete range of Writing Books 1-3 - which take your child from forming individual letters to writing sentences - as well as our special sharpener-eraser and fun reward stickers.


  • A toolkit designed specifically for children to help them learn to write quickly.
  • The complete collection of our products targeted at 2-6 year olds in one bundle.
  • A cost effective option.
  • Give your child a head start by helping them learn to write before they attend school.
  • Gives your child consistency in materials.
  • Tests shows that Write Size products help children learn to write faster.


The Write Size System combines our products in one complete package.

  • Pencils: Once the top of your child’s hand reaches the last bar at the top of the pencil, it is no longer suitable for writing with, although it’s still fine for drawing.
  • Writing books: Progress through the workbooks with your child as their confidence builds. Erase and then reuse.
  • Pencil sharpener and eraser: You will only need to turn the pencil 2-3 times to get the maximum effect.
  • Stickers: Use the stickers as a reward for completing pages and to motivate learning.