2-6 Years: Writing System 1


Our Writing System 1 set is made up of a pack of Write Size 2-6 years writing pencils, plus an Alphabet & Handwriting Practice Book 1. This is the perfect combination to give your child the confidence to begin writing in total comfort. 

Our Write Size 2-6 years pencils are made of soft graphite and have a thicker hexagonal shape which allows your child to comfortably grip the pencil – without the typical strain involved when using adult sized pencils. When combined with our Alphabet & Handwriting Practice Book 1, your child has the essential tools to begin writing today. 



  • Easy to use pencils, perfectly designed for your child’s hand.
  • Handwriting practice book supports KS1 learning which helps you start teaching your child to write before they begin attending school.
  • The perfect combination – while saving you money.
  • Book is fully erasable and reusable.


  • Use the workbook to teach your child essential writing skills and build their knowledge. Begin by showing your child how to write letters in the booklet, then encourage them to copy your example by tracing the letters in the workbook. Correct mistakes immediately while praising your child when they complete words correctly.

  • Writing involves putting strain on hand muscles – by combining our workbook with our thick and soft 2-6 years pencils, writing is more comfortable and allows your child to concentrate on correct letter shape and spelling.