2-6 Years: Writing Book 3


Write Size’s three Alphabet and Handwriting Practice Books support KS1 learning and have been created to help your child learn the essentials of writing. Booklet 3 has been specifically developed to continue where Booklet 2 left off, helping your child copy and create sentences, as well as begin learning to use phonics in an easy and fun format.

This handwriting book is a perfect accompaniment to a set of 2-6 years Write Size pencils.

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  • Supports KS1 learning.
  • Teaches your child to write before they begin attending school.
  • Large format which is ideal for new learners.
  • Easy to trace format builds familiarity and muscle memory.
  • Wire bound, making it easier for your child to fold and turn over.
  • Fully erasable and reusable.


  • Use the workbook to teach your child essential writing skills and build their knowledge. Begin by showing your child how to write words in the booklet, then encourage them to copy your example by tracing the letters in the workbook. Correct mistakes immediately while praising your child when they complete sentences correctly. 
  • Writing involves putting strain on hand muscles – by combining our workbook with our thick and soft 2-6 years pencils, writing is more comfortable and allows your child to concentrate on correct letter shape and spelling.