Double Barrel Sharpener & Eraser


Our high grade Double Barrel Sharpener & Eraser is the perfect complement to your child’s Write Size pencils. The larger barrel fitting is specifically designed to fit our pencils and gets them sharp in just a couple of turns. 

The product comes in many vivid colours which are soft to the touch and easy to grip, making general use more enjoyable. With durable blades, a convenient waste tank to ensure a tidy work space and a ‘no dust’ eraser, this product is the ideal addition to any pencil case!



  • Perfectly designed to fit thicker Write Size pencils.
  • Gets pencils sharp in seconds.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Efficient eraser, no hard pressing or dust.
  • Blades are long lasting and durable.
  • Waste tank ensures work space and pencil case remain tidy.


  • Sharpen Write Size pencils in the larger barrel which is specifically designed for our thicker, child-friendly pencils.
  • The pencils need only be turned two to three times for optimal performance.